At Highmark, we believe it’s time to come together and make health care better.

When you choose Highmark, you choose a trusted health care partner with more than 75 years of experience helping individuals and families in your area stay healthy.

We partner with doctors and hospitals to provide the highest quality care at the best value.

We offer trusted coverage and access to a large provider network , including renowned children’s hospitals, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Cleveland Clinic.

Together — with you — we do it all for health:
  • We help make complex health questions easier to understand
  • We create innovative plan designs that encourage healthier habits
  • We help members make better health care decisions
  • We offer tools that deliver information and experts that advocate for health

My Care Navigator

Whether it’s help with a care claim, or assistance with provider billing, My Care Navigator makes it easier than ever to get the personal service you need.


Our Pay-for-Value programs — like Quality Blue — are changing how Highmark pays for care and reimburses doctors and hospitals.

Members-Only Extras and Discounts

Ready to choose Highmark and enjoy all the “extras”?

Our members-only discounts and extras include partnerships with health advocates, wellness tools, wellness programs, services, special offers and discounts and more.

Health & Wellness Support Tools powered by WebMD®

Get healthy, stay healthy, manage a condition or learn about health. Take advantage of these easy-to-use online health tools and resources available to our members. They’re easy to use. They’re free. And they’re powered by WebMD – one of the most trusted sources of online health information.

  • Wellness Profile
  • Personal Health Record
  • Digital Health Assistant
  • Health Trackers
  • Symptom Checker
  • Health Education and Information
Health and Wellness Discounts

Want to get in shape without stretching your wallet? Our members save money on fitness classes and a wide selection of health-related programs, services and products. Take advantage of healthy member discounts including nutrition, fitness, vision, hearing as well as travel savings from leading brands such as:

  • Snap Fitness
  • Reebok®
  • Jenny Craig®
  • Nutrisystem®
  • QualSight®
  • Beltone™
  • TruHearing
  • LasikPlus®
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Healthways Fitness Your Way
  • Quicken Loans
  • Sprint

Note: Subject to change based on location and availability

Save big by being healthy!

Lifestyle Programs

Does your lifestyle manage you, or do you manage it? Our online healthy lifestyle programs put you in charge by covering all aspects of your health, including your eating habits, how you manage stress, how often you move your body and behavior change. Choose from a wide range of self-management programs:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise
  • Manage Stress
  • Maintain a Positive Mood
  • Quit Tobacco

Blues On CallSM Health Coach

As a member, Blues on Call lets you speak directly to a Health Coach who is a specially-trained registered nurse. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night — any day of the week — one toll-free call connects you to care decisions, support and confidential health counseling. You can even opt to have your own personal Health Coach dedicated to addressing your specific health issues.

Comprehensive Wellness Profile

This self-health assessment on your member website covers nearly every aspect of your health. It gives you an in-depth health status report and recommends online wellness programs and activities that can help you stay healthy, enhance your health or better manage a health condition.

Personal Health Record

Take control of your health by keeping all of your health-related information— including care providers’ names and numbers, office and lab visits and medication information in one handy, online location. We make it easy to track your expenses and claims on your member website. You can view claims’ details and expenses, even indicate the time period you want this information for.

Care Cost Tools

As a member, you can access online tools to help you understand and manage your health care costs. You can look up typical medical expenses for a wide range of care procedures, compare costs at your health plan’s network hospitals and learn how much your medications cost.

Health Education Tools

Our member website gives you an exceptional range of educational resources that include full-color articles on health conditions, medical tests, medications and surgeries; a comprehensive health encyclopedia; and information on care and treatment options.

Preventive Schedule

Our customized Preventive Schedule is a handy reference for your family’s health screening and immunizations. Stay up-to-date on required shots, recommended exams and routine screenings.

Tobacco Management Programs

Quitting smoking can be a difficult challenge. With our convenient tobacco cessation programs, overcoming that challenge just got easier.

Choose from Telephonic Smokeless®, Guided Self-Help Smokeless® or the Tobacco Cessation Health Assistant. Each program focuses on changing your behavior, coping with withdrawal and managing your weight. With a tobacco cessation program, you can receive a personalized plan online at your convenience or access a smoking cessation coach in addition to discounted nicotine replacement products. Learn how to kick the habit!

Maternity Education & Support

Maternity Education Center

Understand every stage and all aspects of your pregnancy. Various educational resources, programs and information are provided to help throughout your pregnancy. Learn what to expect, how to stay healthy and how to prepare for the special event.

Baby BluePrints®

Expectant mothers who live a healthy lifestyle are more likely to have a healthy baby. Access tools and information that can help you take good care of yourself and your baby and get direct access to a nurse health coach who can answer your questions in confidence.

*Availability of all programs and discount partners may vary by geographic region and are subject to change.

Health care Resources

CORD:USE will protect your family’s cord blood at a state-of-the-art laboratory in which your baby’s cord blood will be processed and stored using high-quality cord blood banking practices and technologies.

WellnessCodes contracts with top manufacturers to offer members healthy products to target personal and family wellness. Manufacturers include Polar, Omron, Philips, Misfit, Withings, Zumba, Vitamix, Omega, Cuisinart, Bugaboo, Ameda, Medela.

Healthy Choices

Lively has reimagined 24/7 medical alert response with its stylish safety watch that means never compromising to stay protected and live well. It offers help at the push of a button—and more, like missed medication alerts and daily step counting.

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