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The 2017 Open Enrollment Period for buying individual and/or family health insurance has closed.

You will likely have to wait for the 2018 Open Enrollment Period to purchase health coverage (Fall, 2017).
The only way you can buy 2017 health coverage is if you qualify for a 2017 Special Enrollment Period (SEP.)
A change in your life (for example: certain permanent moves, certain changes in income, marriage, birth of a child) can make you eligible for the Special Enrollment Period.

Learn more about qualifying life events and the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) at

If you do have a qualifying life event, you must enroll in a plan within 60 days of the triggering event.

Remember: You may still be eligible for financial help.

Follow these 3 Easy Steps to shop for coverage if you’re eligible for the 2017 Special Enrollment Period.

3 Easy Steps

1) Learn about financial help and programs you may be eligible for. Check your income level for savings on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

2) Do you qualify for government savings? If you do, look for Highmark plans when you shop on the Marketplace. Reminder: Government financial savings can only be used for plans purchased on the Marketplace.

3) No financial help is available to you? No problem! You can still shop for Highmark plans on the Marketplace.

Highmark Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual plans are available on the Marketplace for most areas. Highmark plans are also available through many local insurance agents.

Our provider network makes it convenient to get the care you need, when and where you need it.

Reminder: At Highmark Inc., we take your privacy and security seriously. Learn more about how we protect your information.

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Learn more about Highmark plans available in your area. Download our free 2017 Health Insurance Plan Comparison brochure to compare plans before you shop.


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